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Кафедра лісознавства

Ласкаво просимо на сайт структурного підрозділу університету!

Scientists of Forestry department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences April 5, 2017 took part in the General meeting of the Forest Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as its full members. The agenda of the meeting were 15 issues, in particular - scientific report "Sustainable forest management: status, problems and prospects". The report was paid attention to the critical state of forestry in Ukraine: this year is no state funding; legislation does not meet interests of all stakeholders; most decisions are made without scientific justification under pressure from some stakeholders; etc. A resolution on ways for the situation improvment was decided. Swiss colleagues presented the report "Forests and Forestry in Switzerland", which also was actively discussed.

Lecturers and students of Forestry department have planted young trees to the International Day of Forests near the building of the Faculty of Natural Sciences thanks the State Enterprise "Broshniv forestry" support.