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The Filosophy Faculty has five Departments:


The Department of General and Clinical Psychology

(headed by prof. Viktor P. Moskalets),


The Department of Social Psychology

(headed by prof. Larysa D. Zahrai)


The Department of Pedagogical and Age Psychology

(headed by prof. Zinoviya S. Karpenko)


The Department of Philosophy and Sociology

(headed by prof. Viktoria K. Larionova)


The Department of Religious Studies, Theology and Culturology

(headed by prof. Svyatoslav R. Kyyak)


The educational process is provided with the necessary rooms for classes, self-study and individual work, and cultural-social life of students. The students have the opportunity to study in 22 rooms. The centre of informational technologies is in development. The students have the opportunity to work in the reading hall of the Faculty’s library that admits 60 persons.  The literature fond includes 82000 volumes.