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The Philosophy Faculty is the part of Vasyl Stefanyk National Precarpathian University. The history of the University dates back to 1940, when Stanislaviv Teachers Institute was founded. The Institute became the basis for Ivano-Frankivsk State Pedagogical Institute, founded in 1950 which was reorganized into Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian University on September 26, 1992. In 2004 it got the “national” status.

The Faculty of Philosophy started to function within the structure of the University in 1995 with the aim to meet the Precarpathian regional requirements for highly qualified specialists in Social studies and the Arts, capable to solve topical problems in society and construct the world view with a new humanistic meaning.

In 1995 the first group of students with major in Psychology was admitted. In 2002 the specialty of Philosophy appeared with the possibility to gain bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In 2012 the Philosophy Faculty successfully got the licence to teach Sociology.

The Faculty was headed by: assoc. prof. Ihor Ya. Lyubinets, prof. Mykhailo Yu. Holyanych, and, since 2005, prof. Ihor M. Goyan.