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Karpenko Z.S.


– Doctor of Psychology, professor, head of department, head of the SMC MES of Ukraine in Psychology and Practical Psychology (2009-2013), Chairman of Specialized Academic Council on the speciality 19.00.07 – pedagogical and age psychology in Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National university (2005-2011), director of Scientific-research Centre "Psychology of development of personality", editor-in-chief of the scientific journal "Psychology of Personality" , Board member of the Association of Political Psychologists of Ukraine; from the standpoints of holistic approach has substantiated principle of integral subjectivity which explains the priority of value-target determination of personal life in the unity of its actual and possible ontological modes.

On the basis of the principle of integral subjectivity has developed holistic concept of axiological personality psychology, examines psychological mechanisms of understanding and influence in the field of hermeneutics of psychological practice, studies gender, ethno-cultural and socio-political aspects of developmental psychology. Main directions of research: methodological and theoretical problems of psychology, axiopsychology, personality psychology, psychotherapy, developmental psychology, social and political psychology, psychological hermeneutics.

Zinoviia Karpenko is author of about 200 sientific publications. Under the direction of Karpenko Z.S. were three Ukrainian Student Olympiads on psychology (2004 - 2006), All-Ukrainian Student Conference "valuable dimension of human existence" (2002) and 5 national scientific seminar "Methodological problems of psychology of personality" (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013).

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