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Scientific life of the department

          26 - 27 September 2013 there were five nationwide scientific seminar "Methodological problems of psychology of personality", initiated by the department of educational and developmental psychology, Research Centre "Psychology of Personality".

 The workshop discussed the problems:

1. Philosophical and psychological research model values the principles of human existence.

2. Axiological psyhopedagic: problems, achievements and prospects.

3. Axiological aspects of psychological practice.

4. Value conflicts in the modern world: causes and solutions.

          To participate in the workshop was taken 81 application, including 50 from non-resident and foreign entities. Arrived 37 participants, including 12 - other cities . The workshop brought together as the leading Ukrainian scientists in Personology as young scientists and students. Geography of participants covered:

SHEE "University Education Management" NAPS of Ukraine,

Drogobytsky State University named after I. Franko,

Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Postgraduate Education,

Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine,

Institute of Social and Political Psychology of NAPS of Ukraine,

Institute of Psychology, G.S. Kostiuk NAPS of Ukraine,

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of Jan Kochanowski, Kielce, Poland,

Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko,

Kirovograd State Pedagogical University,

Lviv State University of Internal Affairs,

Training Center of "Vostok " ( Kyiv),

NPU of M.P. Drahomanova,

National Science Center "Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky" NAAS of Ukraine (Kharkiv),

National Defence University of Ukraine Ivan Chernyakhovskiy,

Nijin State University Mykola Gogol

Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko

Eastern European National University Ukrainian,

Ternopil National University by V.Hnatyuk,

Kherson State University,

Cherkasy National University,

Chernivtsi National University of Fedkovych,

Chernihiv State Pedagogical University,

As a result of the workshop adopted a resolution :

Approve the practice of regular scientific seminars on methodological problems of psychology of personality, the Department initiated educational and developmental psychology and Research Centre "Psychology of Personality ", which was created based on the original school of axiopsychological personology.

Next, the Sixth All-Ukrainian scientific seminar with international participation on "Methodological problems of personality psychology" for September 2015

Proceedings of the Conference in the form of articles to publish in the professional journal "Psychology of Personality ", which seems PreCarpathian National University named after V. Stefanik.

Suggest the participants and topics to promote scientific achievements Ukrainian personologists in teaching personality psychology, and developmental psychology, scientific publications and more.