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Department of educational and developmental psychology was formed in October 2000 due to the need to improve the professional training of future psychologists in the field of developmental psychology, psychological counseling and psychotherapy, psychology, teaching methodology etc.. The department is preparing for such fundamental disciplines: developmental psychology , methodological and theoretical problems of psychology, psychotherapy basics, basics of counseling, professionally oriented disciplines: educational psychology, methods of teaching psychology, fundamentals of environmental psychology, orthobiosis of personality, psychology of religion, a teaching practicum and psychology , disciplines elective by University: career guidance and professional selection, psychodiagnostic and psychological correction in education, the theoretical foundations of psycho-practice psychological training in secondary schools, independent choice of subjects for students: psychological hermeneutics, theoretical and methodological framework for social and psychological services, axiological psychology of personality, crisis counseling, distance counseling, psychological prevention booling, practical art-therapy .

Research Department centered around the concept axiopsychics and axiogenesis of personality of Karpenko Z.S., in the context of which explored the psychological mechanisms of understanding and influence in the field of psychological practice hermeneutics, gender, ethnic, cultural, social, political and other aspects of developmental psychology .

In the wake of scientific axiopsychological school of professor Z.S. Karpenko, including under her direct supervised 14 Ph.D. theses , specialty 19.00.07 - Educational and Developmental Psychology (Romankova L.M. - "Modeling of conflict situations as a means of optimizing the interpersonal relationships in the pedagogical team", 2002; Mihina I.M . - "Development of creative abilities of preschool children by means of therapeutic metaphor", 2003; Gasyuk M.B. - "Psychological characteristics of self-actualization modern woman", 2003; Smetanyak V.I. - "Psychological characteristics of self-value seniors", 2003; Parkulab O.G. - "Phenomenological analysis in age existential counseling", 2004 ; Kormylo O.M. - "Emotionally value factors of learning elementary school children", 2004, Holovan V.P. - "Humanizing potential of axiopsychological training social workers ," 2006; Hulyas I.A. - "Perfectionist guidelines as a factor of future professional psychologists", 2007; Kohutiak N.M. - " Psychological mechanisms of formation of the authenticity of person during life crisis", 2007; Nazaruk N.V. - "Psychological preventive measures of the "professional burnout" of teacher ", 2007; Mytsko V.M. - "Psychological characteristics of axiogenesis of future psychologists", 2007; Zhytaryuk V.I. – "Psychological conditions of morality of primary-school pupils", 2008; Cherenschykova D.V. - "Positive psychotherapy as a means of optimizing the pedagogical communication in high education", 2011; Simak A.A. – "Axiopsychological factors of choice of coping strategies of adolescent accentuats", 2011, Karpenko E.V. – "Transformation of protective mechanisms in the process of self-actualization", 2012, Motruk R.V. - "Ethno-cultural factors of professional self-identity ", 2013), doctoral dissertations Radchuk G.K. "Psychology of axiogenesis of a person in the context of high education", 2011; Klymyshyn O.I. - " Christian-psychological basis of spiritual development", 2013, prepared to defend another 2 doctoral thesis ( Hulyas I.A., Lytvyn-Kindratyuk S.D.).

The Department underwent three Ukrainian Student Olympiads on psychology (2004 - 2006 years) , National Student Conference "Values measurements of human existence" (2002) and All-Ukrainian scientific seminars with international participation "Methodological problems of psychology of personality" ( 2005, 2007 , 2009, 2011, 2013) .

During the operation department of educational psychology and has worked and continues to work on such collective themes: " Psycho-pedagogical monitoring and correction of the professional axiogenesis in terms of the university" (Minutes № 4 dated November 17, 2005), "Innovation psy-optimization axiogenesis of a person" (state registration number 0109U001408), "Psycho-technics of prevention of violence and hostility in the private and public life" (the number of state-registration 0113U000186). The results of the research were PhD theses , a large number of publications , including the following sole monograph as "Hermeneutics of psychological practice", 2001, "Axiological psychology of personality", 2009 authorship prof. Z.S. Karpenko , "Axiopsyhology of High School", 2009 Doctoral student, G.K. Radchuk , "The Psychology of individual spirituality: christian-oriented approach ", 2010 Assoc. O.I. Klymyshyn et al.

The department has extensive international links. It cooperates with the European Union therapists (Vienna , Austria) by participating in the Ukrainian Union of psychotherapists , part of which is the latest, East European Association for Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy (Vilnius, Lithuania) Russian psychoanalytic company (Moscow), the World Association of Positive Psychotherapy (Wiesbaden, Germany), University of Szczecin (Poland), Moscow University M. Lomonosova (Russia), State University "High School of Economics " (Moscow, Russia), University Medical Clinic of Tübingen (Germany) and coordinates its research work with leading Ukrainian research centers: the Institute of Psychology. G.S. Kostiuk, Institute of Social and Political Psychology of NAPS of Ukraine and others.

The initiative and at the Department of the decision of the Academic Council of 30 September 2008 was established research center "Psychology of Personality", which, in addition to organizing and coordinating psychological studies provides educational services to organizations and institutions of Western Ukrainian region. Since 2010 began to go periodicals special edition (annual magazine) "Psychology of Personality» (ISSN 2309 -785X).

In the long term development of faculty collaboration with international partners agreed topics of research in the field of personality psychology, developmental psychology, axiological psychology, ecological, historical and cultural psychology , psychology teaching activities, organization and development of psychological services, etc., to continue the work of the specialized scientific council of PhD theses and the opening of the specialized scientific council on defense of doctoral theses in 19.00.07 - Educational and Developmental Psychology.