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     Economic Department is a structural subdivision of «VasylStefanykPrycarpathianNationalUniversity» State Higher Education Establishment.  It was created in 1994 and now it prepares skilled specialists for the needs of economy of the region and other regions of Ukraine.

     Teaching process is conducted according to educational and training programs of qualification levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master in the following specialties:  «Finances and Credit», «Accounting and Auditing», «Marketing», «Economic Cybernetics», «Management of Organizations», «Management of Foreign Economic Activity».          

     Educational and training work at the specialties of the Department is conducted by 8 Professors, Doctors of Sciences, 46 Assistant Professors, Candidate of Sciences; scientific schools of Chairs of the Department work productively in educational process too.  Heads of leading enterprises, financial and economic institutions and bodies of local self-government of the region, who form practical skills of our students in the chosen specialty, are involved in the teaching process.

     Educational process at the Economic Department is conducted at three buildings, 25 lecture rooms (3 of them are multimedia). InformationTechnologiesCenter, modern university libraries (including the library of the Department, numbering 6,5 thousand volumes of literature and dozens of periodicals), sanatorium, dining room network are at students’ disposal. The work of the students’ trade union and the Senate is organized.

     Today 640 full-time and 565 correspondence students are trained at different specialties of the Department.  Our students acquire not only knowledge but also have all the possibilities to develop and show themselves in other areas of activity such as: creative work, arts, sport. By their own wish and on the basis of preselection young men are trained at the Military Chair.