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Кафедра хорового диригування ╕м. В. ╥жака

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Historical origins of the Department are related to the creation of one of the first in Ukraine Faculty of Music and Pedagogics of Ivano-Frankivsk Pedagogical Institute in 1966, on the base of which in 1967 two departments were formed – the Department of Theory and History of Music and Playing Musical Instruments and the Department of Methods of Musical Education, Singing and Conducting. The first teachers of conducting subjects were: DOCENT Pashchenko V. I., Zvarun V. I., Grynyshyn M. P., Kolomiets A. G., Balandin L. U., Doronyuk V. D., Dolchuk R. O., Velichko G. G. In 2001, the Music Department was the basis for opening of the Art Institute of V. Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, the structure of which formed four new Music Departments. In 2007, due to reorganization, the distribution of the Department of Singing and Conducting to two separate structural units took place and was renamed to the Department of Vocal Music and Department of Choral Conducting, headed by the Candidate of Art History, professor, PhD, Honored Artist of Ukraine Lyubov Serhanyuk.

The Department of Choral Conducting graduates students majoring in "Music Art" (specializations "Choral conducting" and "Music pedagogy and education"). Giving the students necessary amount of knowledge and skills in the disciplines of conduct - choral cycle, which is a requirement of the educational process in choirs, ensembles, schools, high schools, teacher training colleges, universities, teaching staff of the department consists of 30 people and has: two Honored Artists of Ukraine (Savchuk V. J., Serhanyuk L. I.), three Honored Culture Workers of Ukraine, docent Zvarychuk Z. H., Karas G. V., Serhanyuk Y. M.), two Honoured Artists of Ukraine (Molodiy O.R., Petryk M. V.), eight Candidates of Art History, docents (Dudyk R.V., Zvarychuk ZH.Y., Kolubayev O. L., Obukh L. V., Rudik M. M., Serhanyuk L. I., Shegda L. V., Yaroshenko I. V.).

Department of Choral Conducting realizes the task of ensuring good education of future professionals in music conducting and teaching courses as a condition for its integration in the socio-cultural space, development of competitiveness in the labor market. The staff is working on creation of educational and methodological complexes of disciplines conducting courses profile and the organization of scientific-research work on topical issues of pedagogy and choral performance.

 Educational and methodological work is aimed at training specialists in disciplines of choral - conducting cycles, summary and implementation in the educational process of pedagogical and creative experience of teachers, conduct of open lessons and master - classes, introduction of multimedia learning. Teachers of the Department were issued teaching aids to help students organize self-education and perform creative tasks, bachelor, master and diploma theses. The department organized the work of scientific - methodical seminar for teachers. Subjects of lessons: Bologna process and modern realia, new educational technology in choral studies and in university training of specialists, poly-artistic modern education ofstudents and others. Special attention is given to the independent work of students: preparation of teaching materials, tasks of creative nature, consultation and assistance in training. All teachers and concertmasters of the Department carry out systematic researches in the following areas: choral performance, choral practice, theory of music education, music education, choral music history, music country studies.

Students and teachers participate in All-Ukrainian Conductor Competitions, academic Olympiads, choir surveys, responsible concerts and performance report. Special attention is paid to work on arrangements of students of own profile. Vocational work in high schools, colleges during teaching practice and outreach concerts for young people is adjusted.

The Department cooperates with the M.Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy, Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music, M. T. Rylsky Institute of Art, Folklore Studies and Ethnology of the NAS of Ukraine, National All-Ukrainian Musical Association, National Union of Composers of Ukraine, the National Academic Song and Dance Ensemble "Gutsulia". As a result of close cooperation, the issues of good training of future specialists through exchange of experience, certification and training course of scientific personnel, informational and publishing activity are solved. Teaching staff always participates in research-to-practice conferences, open days of educational institutions. History of the Department is marked by meetings with the national artist of Ukraine Nina Matviyenko, the national  artist of Ukraine, prize winner of the Shevchenko National Prize, composer Lesia Dychko, Honored Artist, conductor Valery Matyukhin, honoured arts worker, conductor Valerii Matiukhin, honoured arts worker, conductor Olga Bench - Shokalo, Doctors of Art History Stefania Pavlyshyn,  Lyubov Kyianovska and others. The Department maintains close relations with leading choirs of Ukraine, musical organizations. Among the employees of the Department there are graduates of various prestigious universities of our country who gained high professional base and fundamental knowledge in the field of choral performance. The Department has choirs, which perform educational functions (practical work with the choir) and participate in state attestation for obtaining education and qualification degrees of "Bachelor", "Specialist" and "Master". Teachers of the Department carry out active musical and educational work: themed programme, concerts that have become traditional events and promote the popularization of Ukrainian academic choral singing.