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Scientific expedition


Scientific expedition 2013
In May - August 2013 members of the department organized a scientific expedition to study the fauna and flora:
1. In the National Park "Verhovinsky" - at the top of the year Black and White Cheremoshu and mountain ranges Chyvchyny and Hryniava (cerpen;
2. In CBR - Shyrokouholsky array to study the fauna and flora of virgin ecosystems (July - August);
3. In the subalpine zone massif Lesnaya - Proud - Bald head Kosmatsky - false flax - Dil (travenn);
4. Big Mountain range Gorgan - dylyna was Zelenytsya, Sweet Grass, Zhenets (May);
5. several expeditions to the mountain range Ihrovets - Syvulya (June, July, August).
and others.

Expedycia v Chyvchyny

In the meadow, connecting ridges Chyvchyny and Hryniava. August 2013.


The mountain Vasil'kov that far from Perkalaba (Carpathian). August 2013.

Foggy dew

Morning mist in Perkalaba. This mist will soon turn into dew - in foggy dew...

Gora Vasylkiv

Mount Vasil'kov, which was found a large number of rare and interesting species of fauna and flora. Well, a lot of interesting species - you can not even imagine how much...


Hryniava. Mountain Ridge air. The National Park "Verkhovynskyy." August 2013. Here sometime in 2003 lost our assistant Andrew Zamoroka. But he was successfully found and rescued.


Shepherd's hut in a mountain valley ridge mountain range Hryniava. August 2013. Here once our assistant Andrew Zamoroka spent the best years of his turbulent life and incredible...

Bukovyj lis

In beech virgin forests. CBR. Near the village Great Uholka. August 2013.  


Old abandoned adit. Tract "Kuziy." CBR. August 2013 It disappeared assistant Andrew Zamoroka (Andriu Bother). We did so and found...


Forest camp. Transcarpathia. Tyachiv area. August 2013.


Note the way. Mountain Ridge Lisniv - Khorde. May 2013.


What happened the way. Mountain Ridge Lisniv - Khorde. May 2013


Valley Kuzmynets. View from the top of the mountain Ihrovets. August 2013.

Scientific expeditions in 2012

In May and August, members of the department have organized the following scientific expeditions to study flora and fauna of the Ukrainian Carpathians:
1. Expedition route: village Yamna - Mount Makovytsya - Mount Rokita - Mount bald head Kosmatsky - Village Mikulichin (May 2012)
2. Expedition route: Village Art. Guta - Mount Ihrovets - Pass Pohar - Mount Borevka - Mount Syvulya - Mount Taupshyrka - Pass Legions (cattail) - Mount armor - hhora Ur'ya - Mount Bratkivska - Bistrica village (July 2012)
3. Expedition route: village Yamna - Wolf mountain valley - Mountain Big Gorgan - Sweet Grass River Valley - Mount Dovbushanka - Pass Peryslop - p Yaremche (July 2012)
4. Expedition route: Village Art. Guta - Mount Ihrovets - Pohar mountain valley - Mount Syvulya (August 2012)


Near the top of the mountain Ihrovets. August 2012


In the valley of the river Kanyus (Kanyushanka) - May 2008.


The mountain Parenka (Gorgany) on the background of mountains Grofa. July 2006.