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Prospective students!


If you are interested in finding the truth, if you are interested in knowing the essence of life, if you mind Wanderer and romantic - you among our students!
We welcome new students and open your eyes to the world of the living. The future - a road, a path creators. So you do not hesitate - act in our incredible university in our fabulous chair!
Prepares bachelors, specialists and masters in specialties "biology " (specialization - botany, zoology) and "ecology".


You will like to learn from us - we have fun and most importantly, fun. We catch insects , herbarium collection, the practice of mountain travel and explore the world of the living - and inlaboratories in the field. Our graduates are many professionals of the highest level, protsyuyut the leading research institutions in the world - both in our country and abroad , have a purpose in life , being happy and satisfied.


Once the good old days at the Department of Biology and Ecology operated at distance school young biologist , created to prepare students for entry into the Carpathian National University V.Stefanyk a specialty: biology , ecology, biochemistry, forestry, agricultural chemistry and soil science.
Now operate several types of training courses, including the use of multimedia technology. You there is always glad to see you! In any case, the knowledge gained there in life need !
Some software requirements for entry to the profession, " biology", " environment" below.