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 Scientific Research Held at the Department




Department of Biology and Ecology carries out scientific work in the following areas: Ecology, Entomology, Faunistics, Floristry, Plant physiology, Dendrology, Malacology, Population biology, Population genetics, Cytogenetics, Cytology. The Department participated in the following research projects: Verkhovyna - research project connected with improving and environmental protection in Verkhovynsky district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region and the prospects of creating a national park; research project named “Biodiversity of flora and fauna of the Ukrainian Carpathians” - the draft study of biodiversity of flora and fauna in the northern mountain slopes of the Ukrainian Carpathians. 

The department organizes scientific expeditions to various parts of the Ukrainian Carpathians and Precarpathia to study the flora, fauna, populations of some species of plants and animals. Department hosts entomology and floristics research groups as well as Entomology, Malacology and floristics workshops. The Department organizes scientific seminars on environmental issues, population genetics, entomology.


Poliovi doslidzhennia  Bidychak

Shparyk praciuje  Praciujut

Scientific research in expeditions and laboratories.



of the Report Conference of Teachers,

Graduate Students in Biology and Ecology

in 2010

 Subsection of bioecology 

Head –Doctor of Science, professor Parpan V. I.

Secretary - graduate student Perederko L. P.


1. Forest ecosystems and their stability in the formation of rod mountainous areas.

Head - Doctor of Science, professor Parpan, V. I.


 2. Impact of oil and gas extraction and industrial facilities with their recycling and transportation on the environment of the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

PhD, Professor Selsky, V. K.


 3. Vegetation of beech forests in the lower of the river Limnytsya.

 Ph.D., associate professor Shumskaya, N.V. 


 4. Different types of dynamics fenogenetic structure of natural and semi-populations of insects in the Carpathians. 

Ph.D., associate professor Sirenko, A.G. 


 5. Characteristic features of the sprouts and morphostructure in Stenactis annua (Asteraceae).

Ph.D., Associate Professor Mahovska L. Y. 


 6. Introduction to a culture of endemic and relict plant species in the Arboretum "Druzhba". 

Ph.D., associate professor Bunyak V. I. 


 7. Technology of using bacterial preparations in cruciferous crop cultures. 

Ph.D., associate professor Volchovska-Kazak A. E.


 8. The ancient manor park in the Precarpathia. 

Ph.D., associate professor Hniezdilova, V. I. 


 9. Methodological aspects of ecological state of urbanized and technologically-altered areas. 

Ph.D., associate professor Mylen’ka, M. M.


 11. Finds of new species for the fauna of Ukraine (Tenthredinidae: Hymenoptera).

Assistant  Zabroda V.V. 


 12. Syrfid role in mountain ecosystems of the Ukrainian Carpathians. 

Assistant Shparyk, V.Y.


 13. Bates mimicry of the species Eristalis tenax L. (Syrphidae, Diptera, Insecta).

Assistant Tretiak, V. R. 


 14. Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera, Insecta) of the reserve “Kasova Hora ". 

Assistant Bidychak, R. M.

Sluhajut uvazhno   Uvazhnyj

 Vony-2 SSS

Sirenko kkk

At the conference. April 2011.