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History of department of biology and ecology


The department of biology and ecology was created in the Precarpathian national university named Vasyl Stefanyk in September, 1998 under the name „department of biology”. To this historical event six years our university worked without biological speciality. And suddenly came as revelation, that in the present world biology as complex of sciences is considered the most perspective direction of cognition. Therefore a modern university can not do without preparation of specialists of this direction and without scientific researches, scientific schools of biological direction. As our educational establishment got status of classic university yet in 1992 years a decision to open in the Precarpathian university direction of preparation „biology” was accepted in the anniversary of independence of Ukraine. On September, 1, 1998 in an university due to efforts of rector of university of academician Kononenko V. I. but doctor of biological sciences Parpan V. I. there was the founded department of biology.

 The department of biology was led by doctor of biological sciences Parpan V. I. was the set of students is carried out on speciality „biology” is a 61 university entrant became the student of university of daily separation. In a year the extra-mural separation of this speciality was opened in 1999 year. The amount of students grew from year to year. Guidance of university for the necessities of speciality selected a new corps.

 In 2002 years a new department – department of biochemistry, which was led by the doctor of biological sciences professor Luschak V. I., moved away from the department of biology. That year at the department of biology opened speciality „forest and park economy” and it was renamed on the department of biology and silvics. Later, in 2006 year the employees of department was the founded department of silvics which led a candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Gaydukevich M. Y. In 2008 year this department was led by the doctor of agricultural sciences professor Kaluckiy I. F. In 2004 years at the department of biology there was the opened speciality „ecology”. In this connection in 2006 year a department was renamed on the department of biology and ecology. In this year in the Precarpathian national university of the name of Vasyl Stefanyk there was the created Institute of natural sciences which led professor Klanichka V. M. Institut united specialities „biology”, „ecology”, „forest and park economy”, “agricultural chemistry, and soil science”, „chemistry”, „physics”, „radiophysics”.

 On the department of biology and ecology from the beginning of its creation scientific researches of the followings directions were begun: dendrology, silvics, botany, floristic, faunistic, ornithology, entomologist, population biology, genetics (in a that number cytogenetics and population genetics), phytophysiology, ecology (in a that number radioecology).

 Many scientific researches are conducted on the base of the Botanical garden of the Precarpathian national university, which was founded on the base of dendropark of the Precarpathian university. For today 155 kinds and 27 forms of arboreal plants grow on territory of botanical garden.

 In a botanical garden conducted research of introduction and acclimatization of different types of plants, study of problems of cultivating of medical plants, problems of planting of greenery of urboecosistems, selection. For today a botanical garden is the natural laboratory of study of succesions, by the mestome of leadthrough of educational practices from a botany, zoology, ecology. On the base of botanical garden the students of university are execute term, qualifying and diploma papers. 16 new varieties of agricultural cultures were shown out in the botanical garden of the Precarpathian university, work is conducted in relation to the recreation of elite of the districted sorts and grain-growing and bobs cultures with application of individual selection, intravarietal crossing and education and sowing, by seed from different agroecological areas.

 On the department of biology and ecology 2 doctors of sciences, 8 candidates of sciences, work for today, aspirantura functions. There was the opened city council in 2006 year.

 On the department of biology and ecology a zoological museum was founded in 2000 year. During 2000-2011 years scientific and museum collections of entomologist, which count more than 17 000 copies of insects from the fauna of Ukraine, are created in a zoological museum. On the whole there are over 800 types of insects in the funds of museum. In a zoological museum the advanced studies are conducted on the study of fauna of Syrphidae, Noctuidae (s. l.), Geometridae, Tentredinidae, Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Tachinidae, Trichoptera, Elateridae of Ukrainian Carpathians, researches of natural and seminatural populations of insects, research of microevolution processes, influence of insecticides, are conducted on populations of insects and other zoological researches.

 The candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Sirenko A. G. Each year manages work of zoological museum on the department of biology and ecology scientific expeditions get organized with the purpose of addition to the funds of museum, collection of material, for the advanced study of graduate students and students. A museum is used for educational work of students at the study of the different special courses from zoology. Except for collections of insects of Palearctic in a museum there are the presented collections of tropical insects which were created due to international cooperation with oversea specialists. On a department the research problem group of entomologist is created, the student group of entomologist works.

 In times of existence of department forming of scientific and educational herbarium which counts the over 15 thousand standards of herbarium from territory of area and contiguous territories is begun, work is conducted in relation to equipping with modern amenities of herbarium, determination of plants and creation of their catalogue, including, and electronic variant. Work is begun in relation to precissing flora of the Ivano-Frankivsk area, forming of cadastre of rare and vanishing types of plants of Ivano-Frankivsk region proceeds. On a department a student problem group works from floristic researches on territory of Ivano-Frankivsk region, and also floristic scientific group. The row of scientific expeditions is conducted, in a that number together with students, in the different districts of area, collectedly considerable actual material.

 There was the created laboratory of experimental biology and protected business in 2004 years. In this laboratory carried out researches on the followings scientific directions:

 1. Monitoring of ecological situation is on territory of the Ivano-Frankivsk area. 

 2. Analysis of information and prognosis of the ecological state of environment.

 3. Ecological monitoring of soils naturally commandment territories of the Ivano-Frankivsk area. A leadthrough of supervisions is within the limits of influence of agricultural and industrial objects  of area.

 4. Organization of the complex ecological monitoring is within the limits of city and fence surrounding villages of Ivano-Frankivsk.

 5. Study of fisiology - biochemical mechanisms of firmness of plants to influence of abiotic and biotic factors of environment.

 During a school year the followings laboratory works are conducted from a phytophysiology to in obedience to the well-proven curriculum after themes: Physiology of vegetable cage; Water mode of plants; Photosynthesis; Growth and development of plants; Breathing of plants; Motions of plants; Firmness of plants;  laboratory employments are from a mineral feed and biology of soil for the students of all specialities of Institute of natural sciences.

 On the base of laboratory of experimental biology and protected business  term, bachelor and diploma papers are executed  from a phytophysiology and ecology, and also  candidate's dissertation of graduate student Milen'ka M. M. the First issue of specialists-biologists took place in 2003 years.

 The diplomas of specialist-biologist were got by 40 graduating students. 5 issues of specialists and 2 issues of master's degrees took place in next years yet. In 2000 year on the department of biology and ecology „Announcer of the Precarpathian university began to be given out. Series are biology”. For today 14 numbers of this magazine went out a seal. The scientific articles of directions of „Botanist”, „Zoology”, „Biochemistry”, „Genetics”, „Anatomy and physiology of man and zoons”, „Ecology”, „Paleontology”, agricultural „Chemistry”, "Radio-biology", are published in „Announcer”. The results of scientific researches of teachers, graduate students and students of university are published in this magazine.

 The department of biology and ecology carries out a scientific collaboration with the row of scientific and nature protection establishments of Ukraine: By the natural national park of Carpathians, with the preserve of „Gorgani”, biosphere preserve of Carpathians, with Institute of mountain forestry of the name of P. Pasternak, with the Ivano-Frankivsk institute of agroindustrial production of the Ukrainian academy of agrarian sciences, Ivano-Frankivsk regional museum, with the Ivano-Frankivsk state medical university but other.

 A department took part in a number of different scientific projects and programs, in particular in a project „Verkhovina” on the problems of transfrontal conservancy Carpathians, in the program of study and guard of virgin forest ecosistem of Ukrainian Carpathians, in the program of research of biovariety of flora and fauna of north megaslope of Ukrainian Carpathians. Within the framework of implementation of these scientific projects in 2002-2009 years scientific expeditions were carried out in different mountain districts, in a that number researches were conducted on the mountain ranges of Chivchini, Chernogora, Gorgani, Marmarosi but other A flora and fauna, biodiversity, fitocenoze was probed. Within the framework of project „Verkhovina” began scientific collaboration with specialists-entomologists from Finland with Museum of natural history of Helsinki of university. General researches were in particular begun on the study of lepidopterafauni of Ukrainian Carpathians.  In 2004 years a collaboration began with a leading specialist in industry of sirfidology Grammes of Priestson G. on researches of sirfidofauna of Ukrainian Carpathians.